Update on project

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the project has not changed since the last post mostly due my participation in the formula hybrid project.

Except that the adaptor  in the picture bellow will be replaced by something more solid!

Don’t worry!  this project will be finish and will roll on the street. Street that have now welcomed Leafs and Volts !

I tried the Leaf last week and I am speechless.

The car is very powerful:forget the Versa , there is nothing comparable! If you remove the traction control , you’ll have to buy a new set of tire pretty fast!

Handling is pretty good as well considering the higher mass – 23 Kwh batteries pack is heavy ! and Lithium air battery are not expected for a couple of year!

The user interface is excellent : SOC , SOH , remaining distance, radius of autonomy displayed on GPS.

Get one!  it is unbelievable. ~32000$ and never a drop of gas again!



I plan to test all my powertrain system on the Veon, but I might change vehicle. The 1999 Neon has been stored for more than 2 year now. There were no rust at the beginning , but now all the braking system must be changed.

there is more investment to do in the car than changing it.

I will be looking for a new vehicle later on , but I would like RWD car .  BMWs , Mustang , S2000 , Soltice , miata , S10 … anyway


some new stuff to buy soon :

Tyco contactor,

Delphi DC-DC converter … or Vicor  might do the job as well

Current way , brusa , or charger

aerovironment or clipper creek   EVSE

oh and battery ; apparently, it might help for a bev…!

I spotted many supplier of lifepo4 battery. normally about 1000$ /kwh  BMS included.

I’ll do my own bms so I might save big on this.





Transmission adapter

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It’s been a while once again.

Were are currently doing great with the Formula SAE Hybrid project. I am learning a lot  on different aspect of EV .

Since this week was spring break, I had some spare time to work on the VEON.

I did the motor to transmission adapter  using a 1” nipple and a 1” circular adapter.  Both intern diameter fit perfectly with the motor shaft.

The only thing left is to do a male 1/4” thread to insert a 1/4” diameter  screw to secure the adapter to the shaft.

Here a picture of the adapter so far


EDIT : this part will be custom made later on. it is not strong enough … but it is still nice for a <5$ part !!! It gives me a good idea of the part.

Moving away

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Since I have to go back to my apartment , i decided to bring the motor transmission and controller to work on them at home. I have 6 12V battery to test up to 72V with  low Amp.  I’ll see what I can do with that.

However, I installed all the stuff in the basement,

Here is a picture of my new setup and of my aluminium adaptor plate. I only found 3/8 plate instead of 1/2 … I’m pretty sure it is strong enough.  the stuff cost me  about 75$.

Rust on project

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I’m back from vacation. so here are the latest news

when I looked back to my pictures and compare them to pictures of other EV conversion, mine were full of rust everywhere.  Picture of last post especially contain a lot of rust on the transmission and flywheel.

To solve the problem, I remembered my highschool chemistry class. ( + google :P)

Therefore, to remove most of the rush on the flywheel, I make a Vinegar bath in an aluminum container.

Result ? after 2 hours, i finish the job with a steel brush on a Dremel. Most of the rust is gone.

Photo to come tomorrow, I forgot my cellphone …

EDIT : … tadam…

Oh  and I did my fist cable  that link the A2 and B2 terminal of the motor.

Photo to come as well

EDIT: … picture

adaptor plate 2

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Today was the first day M. transmission met M. EV motor. although the motor still weight 150+pounds, it went well. By comparing both part, I could figure exactly what i need.

Forget about my nice CAD drawing. I will get to basic with this project” KISS!”. first, I will use a 15”x15′ x1/2” aluminum plate  (about 35$) to cover my transmission. Then i will use  9” tubbing as a spacer between the motor and the transmission. the length of the space need to be precisely measure but it will be around 1 ”to 1.125 ”. I rather aluminium tubing to steel for weight . and  corrosion resistance. But I dont think i will have a lot of choice.

I need to order that tomorrow. The last piece needed is actually the most important: the adaptor piece that will fit the key way to the flywheel that has 8 bolt. I want to see if i can use the part on my motor instead of making it all over.

The flywheel and the clutch need to be align. I will visite a garage near to my house to align that.

Here are many pictures…enjoy

2/0 welding cable arrives tomorrow and I will prepare at least one cable on the motor. I spend about 2 hour on the phone and on internet to find a 12 V pump that can pass more that 2 GAL/min in my controller.  I might finally use one on 120V ac  since there are more cheaper.

bad news are ok!

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I was happy to see today that there was no nest in the ventilation system. In fact , I assume that because I could smell it in the car. BUT! there were no nest since the odor was from the trunk. Since the trunk carpet was removed, I simply wash the trunk and problem was solve! I assume that mice could have been trapped for a while by the spare tire lower section.

I removed the back seat to see what kind of space i could have bought putting battery below it.  It look just fine for a series of 12V battery so I will have to consider battery height.   However, I rather not have people sit directly above batteries for vapor that can emanate from the batteries. more over, these batteries would be more vulnerable to anything below the car.

I need the check this again but here a picture of the back seat removed. I found actually 1.35$ in spare change below the back seat… and poker chip but anyway!

good and bad news

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Today was a good day for the project except the last 10 min.

I find a place to buy welding 2/0 cable for a very good price. tomorrow I will order about 40 feet with the appropriate lugs and heatshrink.

However, I did discover a mouse’s nest in the ventilation system of the car. I am very disappointed but I was expecting it since another car store at the same place had a nest too.

Therefore tomorrow morning’s plan have change a little. I little disassemble the dash  and remove and clean the ventilation system.

i will also disassemble the rear seat. I saw a similar conversion on a Neon and the space below the rear seat was used for battery. I like this idea since battery mass will be more centered. However, I want rear seatbelt to ensure proper protection so I will not cut anywhere near of them.

I now have 5 x12 V car battery. i need to find one more to test motor on 72 V. If  documentation is right, I can have about 70 ft-pound of torque on 72V… using 334 A.  I will not test this since battery won’t provide 334 A !